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C Doc Medical Group Pllc
As providers of Telemedicine, we help you unlock the power of remote care.

Online consultations are an efficient and innovative way for healthcare organizations to improve the cost of care and reach more patients.

If you need a no-hassle connection to providers who want to see patients online, we can find the right provider for you. We’ll connect healthcare organizations with telehealth providers.

From general to specialized practices, we have providers that want to see you. We are staffed by fully credentialed medical professionals across many specializations to provide online consultations to our patients.

We want to bridge the gap between clinics, employers, health systems, and other organizations providing only the convenience and efficiency that a Telehealth service can uniquely give. Our goal is to help our providers see patients online with as little hassle.


Our mission is to design a consumer-centric telemedicine culture and deliver virtual proactive care.


We concentrate on enhancing access to community hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, and the community by implementing our Telemedicine/Tele-hospital services which focus on providing high-quality, proactive, virtual, cost-efficient care.

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