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The Different Upsides of Telemedicine


There are times when we need to go see a doctor and other medical professionals for matters related to our health. Normally we have to go to the hospitals, clinics, or other institutionalized healthcare centers which could be a hassle on our part. Or we can opt for the less hassle option which is the home health care in which instead of us going to our medical appointments, the medical professionals will be the ones coming to our homes to deliver medical services. But there is a relatively new way of fulfilling the need of seeing a doctor without actually seeing them in person or with no contact which is known as telehealth or telemedicine. In this way, we reach our physicians and other medical professionals through online transactions. Read on to know some of the advantages of using this health care system.

  • Provide comfort and convenience
    We don’t have to experience the hassle of driving to the physician’s office or clinic, queueing in a waiting room when we’re ill, etc. We can see our physicians anywhere we find comfort in our house. With this setup such as the virtual care in New York, it’s possible that we don’t need to leave work or make arrangements for child care.
  • Helps control contagious diseases
    Telemedicine or telehealth is very effective in helping control or averting the spread of contagious illnesses such as COVID-19, flu, etc. This also makes it possible for people who are ill from going to work. This helps everyone, particularly the pregnant, chronically ill, seniors, or those who are immunocompromised as this greatly reduces the chance of being exposed to sick people.
  • Creates opportunities for family connections
    It’s advantageous to have a family member with us when we have a medical consultation with our physician who can aid us in giving information, asking some questions, and recording the answers of our doctor. Through telemedicine, it’s even possible for a family member to join in the virtual visit even if he/she lives in another city or country.
  • Gives an opportunity for better assessment
    Telemedicine is very advantageous for some specialty practitioners because they are able to do remote patient monitoring and can see us in the environment of our home. For example, allergists can get hints on the possible sources of allergens based on what they see in our surroundings.

With C Doc, you can enjoy the benefit of seeing a doctor without contact and all the advantages mentioned above. To know more about our telemedicine in Pleasant Valley, New York, feel free to contact us.

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